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Prato Hospital

Our commitment in the hospital sector continues, once again alongside the USL Toscana Centro.

After taking care of the projects for the Presidio Ospedaliero San Giuseppe of Empoli and the Presidio Ospedaliero del Mugello (Florence), we will oversee the construction of the new hospital of Prato. This is a confirmation of our solid and specific experience in the healthcare-hospital field that is intertwined with a strong presence on the territory. Together with A1Engineering, Ing. Alessandro Zichi.

ospedale di prato interni

Primary School of via Viscontini, Milan

School is sharing and participation.

Yesterday, the Primary School of via Viscontini in Milan was inaugurated in the presence of Beppe Sala – Mayor of Milan, Paolo Limonta – Councillor for School Construction, Simone Zambelli – President of Municipality 8, Milena Ancora – School Headmistress. The school, designed through a participatory experience that involved both adults and children, is at the cutting edge in terms of energy management and learning spaces. It has a wooden load-bearing structure and a low environmental impact. Tecnicaer’s project includes a covered square, an auditorium, a library and a gym open to the neighbourhood and its citizens.

Ospedale del Mugello

We are bringing the Ospedale del Mugello back to the centre of the territorial and national healthcare network, thanks to our interventions of:

  • Renovation and expansion
  • Anti-seismic upgrading
  • Building, systems and sanitary refurbishment

Our objective? To give back to the territory a safe, effective and efficient hospital facility. Together with AEI Progetti @M&E Management and Engineering, Dr. Geol. Michelangelo di Gioia, Arch. Elisa Sirombo, Arch. Daniele Guglielmino.

P.O. Mugello

Centro di Gestione delle Emergenze Nazionali dei Vigili del Fuoco, Rome

Working together for the safety of the country!

We are happy to announce the award of the detailed and final proposals and safety coordination of the new headquarters of the Centro di Gestione delle Emergenze Nazionali (GEN, i.e. National Emergency Management Centre) of the #VigiliDelFuoco in Rome. We will manage the entire project in a BIM environment with the aid of augmented reality and virtual site simulations.

Centro di Gestione delle Emergenze Nazionali

Spedali Civili di Brescia

Our project for the #SpedaliCivili of Brescia comes to life!

The detailed proposals for the renovation and expansion have been approved: a new outpatient clinic, renovated wards, new spaces dedicated to rehabilitation and psychomotricity in Pavilion B and upgradings in the Centro Alte Energie. All this with great attention paid to greenery and open spaces, usability, ergonomics and humanisation of the interior spaces, and containment of energy consumption. Together with Sintecna and GEO Engineering.

Centro di Ricerca di Biotecnologie e Medicina Traslazionale in Torino

Tecnicaer for research!

We won the European tender to coordinate the works of the Centro di Ricerca di Biotecnologie e Medicina Traslazionale (Research Centre for Biotechnology and Translational Medicine) of Turin. An important international tender that Tecnicaer has won thanks to the experience gained in projects of high scientific and technological complexity, to the in-depth knowledge of the territory, and to the innovative methodology of site management.

Centro di Ricerca di Biotecnologie e Medicina Traslazionale

Ospedale San Giovanni Bosco di Torino

Working alongside Piedmont’s healthcare system to tackle the Covid-19 emergency: 87 additional beds in intensive and semi-intensive care at Turin’s main hospitals and expansion of the Emergency Room at #SanGiovanniBosco of Turin.

The renovation of internal spaces and new facilities suitable for the treatment of patients affected by Coronavirus has already begun at San Giovanni Bosco, but projects for Maria Vittoria hospital are also nearing completion.

What we have learned from Covid...that we already knew

Our President Fabio Inzani and Margherita Carabillò, Director of the Tecnicaer office in Milan and Head of Healthcare Design, after more than a year of health emergency, reflect on the great challenge that awaits those who deal daily with imagining the hospital of the future: concrete, effective and durable answers are needed, far from the obsolescence of the “industrial process” that governs our hospitals today.

Here is the full text of the article which appeared in Progettare per la Sanità.