The renovation project, which stemmed from the primary need for static upgrading, in addition to a major structural intervention, includes numerous improvements aimed at ensuring and optimising functional services, making them autonomous from a technical-sanitary point of view as well.

Healthcare Architecture

(Bed capacity: 113) – Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence), 2020 – In Progress

P.O. Mugello
P.O. Mugello interni

The renovation of the Ospedale del Mugello, after many years of waiting, will bring the facility back to its status as a fundamental healthcare centre for the area and beyond. Our project includes major interventions in the construction, systems and health sectors, featuring renovations, modernisation and expansion.

Thanks to the careful study of the positioning of the spaces and the physical and functional connections between the processes, safety conditions will be high and the clinical risk limited, needs that are felt more than ever today and whose satisfaction will increase the well-being of all users.

The new Ospedale del Mugello, once again a primary hub in the healthcare network, will provide care and treatment for the acute phase of the illness and will pursue organisational efficiency, also through operational integration with the local structures for the clinical and care support of the patient.

P.O. Mugello interni

Renovating and giving back to the territory an imposing hospital structure, bringing it back to being a point of reference and excellence for a large number of local and national users.

Healthcare Architecture
Azienda USL Toscana centro
Tecnicaer, consorziata Mythos; with aei progetti, M&E Management and Engineering
Detailed and final proposals, safety coordination in the design and the execution phases, supervision of works
2020 - In Progress
Technical and economic feasibility study: L+Partners srl, Ing. Marco Hanaman, CRIT, AGM Project Consulting
P.O. Mugello sala


ospedale dei bambini Buzzi

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P.O. Mugello

Presidio Ospedaliero del Mugello

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